Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinet is generally divided into household lockers and business lockers, etc., mainly used to facilitate people's use, store different items, and sort them into categories. Moreover, it is a must-have item for families or dormitories with small spaces, which can make full use of the space to accommodate more living items, and can also well decorate people's home environment.

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  • Multilayer file storage rack, it is a practical and beautiful document storage rack, can be stacked, convenient to take and put and query, save space, quality assurance. We can supply best Price!

  • Transparent Plastic Egg Storage Box Egg Preserved Egg Tray, also is known as egg tray, pulp egg box, egg tray, egg box, etc., is used for the packaging of eggs to protect the eggs during handling and transportation, shock, collision, damage, easy to carry, The role of transportation and carrying. Egg boxes are very common in supermarkets and shopping malls, and there are many specifications. Egg box packaging

  • Referring to the Cartoon Simple Wardrobe Child Baby Storage Cabinet, there may be many parents who think that the color is more beautiful and will make the baby more like it. But what I didn't expect was that it was equivalent to letting the children live in a chemical factory. Generally speaking, the brighter the color of the Cartoon simple wardrobe child baby storage cabinet, the brighter the color, the harmful substances such as lead will follow. The increase, if our baby lives with such furniture for a long time, will increase the risk of illness. I suggest that parents and friends should be able to choose some colors that are close to nature, such as green, blue, white, etc., which contain less chemicals.

  • Thick Plastic Storage Cabinet Baby Wardrobe Children's Cabinet refers to cabinet furniture that stores clothing in children's rooms. Divided from the use of the wardrobe can be divided into three categories: sliding door children's wardrobe closet, swing door children's wardrobe closet

  • New Bedroom Plastic Double Door Floral Pattern Cabinet, the latest design with double open the door on the design, more convenient to various clothes hang buy to, the following USES the drawer style, can place a variety of small household items, beautiful, practical, and easy, this receive ark have pink fish design.the color is simple, the atmosphere, the quality is new PP material production, quality assurance, is worth you have!it is suitble for the bedroom.

  • Cartoon New Design Babyroom Clothes Cabinet is an important piece of furniture in the children's bedroom, so its environmental friendliness is particularly important. And children's plastic wardrobe, once we heard the word, we will think that it is not environmentally friendly, it will contain formaldehyde and the like. In fact, this view is not correct. It is necessary to know that the plastics that can be made in furniture are different from what we understand. The plastics that are generally made for children's wardrobes are made of environmentally friendly resin. Such children's wardrobes have no formaldehyde, and also Non-toxic and tasteless.

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