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How to choose a bathtub for a newborn?

Buying Tips for Newborn Baths Although there are many different models, shapes and sizes of newborn baths, the selection method is not complicated, as long as it can hold water. The following buying tips can be used for your reference when purchasing:

Choose a thicker tub. When your baby is in the bathtub, or after the bathtub is filled with bath water, the bathtub with thick material will not be easily deformed.

Try to buy a bathtub with a non-slip back support, so that your baby will not slip into the water easily during bathing, which may cause suffocation.

The surface and edge of the bathtub should be smooth and free of burrs, otherwise it will easily hurt the baby.

Choose a bathtub with a storage slot. You can put bath soap or bath liquid in the storage tank, which is very convenient to use.
Don't buy a tub that is too small, or you won't need it soon. If the size of the newborn's bathtub is relatively large, you also need to consider the space in your home.

At the time of purchase, please pay attention to whether the bathtub has a handle or a rim that is easy to grasp. Such a bathtub is easier for you to move.