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Electroplating of injection molded products, no longer worry about you

On the surface of injection molded products, we also carry out electroplating treatment, and when it is electroplating, we will inevitably have troubles of leakage plating, and this kind of problem is also a way to overcome.
If the electroplating roughening solution is a high concentration of chromic acid and concentrated sulfuric acid solution, there will be a low concentration of plating roughening residue in the case of poor washing and neutralization; if it is due to the complexity of the shape of the product itself Relatedly, it is easy to store the roughening solution, resulting in the surface being unable to be plated. Then, the water washing and neutralization process after roughening can be strengthened, and the roughening liquid on the workpiece needs to be washed or neutralized as much as possible; or the stored coarsening liquid can be quickly discharged by improving the design of the hanger.