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What are the advantages of plastic wardrobes? Plastic wardrobe buying tips

The simple decoration style can also highlight the fashion and atmosphere, especially the simple furniture. Nowadays, many people like to buy some furniture that is very convenient to use and simple and practical. Take the wardrobe, now there are many families to buy. They are all plastic closets. These wardrobes are also very environmentally friendly. They are also very convenient to use and can be removed at will. Let's take a look at the plastic closet.

First, what are the advantages of plastic wardrobe?

1, this kind of wardrobe has very good practicality, and the space occupied is not very large, especially with some small-sized families, it can save a lot of space, and the capacity is not smaller than the average wooden wardrobe.

2, has a very good moisture-proof performance, this wardrobe is relatively high, is a certain distance from the ground, so it will not be affected by the moisture on the ground, and there is utilization under the wardrobe The items such as the shoe box can be placed under the closet, and the storage effect is very strong.

3, the price is much cheaper than the average wooden wardrobe, the ordinary plastic wardrobe is a few hundred dollars.

4, has a lot of forms, giving people more selectivity, especially suitable for people who like personality creation, buy home can also be assembled by themselves.

Second, what are the disadvantages of plastic wardrobes?

1, the overall decoration effect is not very good, compared with other custom-type wardrobes, can not meet people's requirements for the decoration effect.

2, can not be customized, the general wooden wardrobe can be customized according to the size of the space, and the plastic wardrobe is not allowed, only fixed size, and some decoration style will appear uncoordinated.

3, can not be customized according to people's needs, the general wooden wardrobe can be customized according to people's needs, can be designed into a lot of small space, put different clothes, and the plastic wardrobe has only a fixed form, placed on the clothing Sometimes it will conflict with people's needs.

Third, how to buy plastic wardrobe

1. When purchasing, it should be selected according to the size. The area of the position where the wardrobe needs to be placed should be advanced in advance. If the wardrobe is too big, it will occupy a large place. If it is not purchased according to the size, it is likely to buy it. The wardrobe that comes will not be put in, and the wardrobe that may be purchased is small, making the reserved location empty.

2, to see the brand, some of the larger brands, there will be the brand's Peugeot in the closet, and the packaging is done more carefully, there will be certificates of conformity and production date.

3. After purchasing the branded products, ask the seller for the order, and then check with the manufacturer. Otherwise, the products with poor quality will be easy to appear, because some brands are produced by some local factories. Not produced by the brand's factory.

The above is some knowledge about plastic wardrobes. I believe everyone knows about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic wardrobes after reading. I hope to bring some help to everyone.