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  • The Latest Home Simple Plastic Storage Cabinet adopts the latest design with double open the door on the design, more convenient to various clothes hang buy to, the following USES the drawer style, can place a variety of small household items, beautiful, practical, and easy, this receive ark have white, beige, and blue, the color is simple, the atmosphere, the quality is new PP material production, quality assurance, is worth you have!

  • Plastic Wash Feet Barrels, is a very practical products, it is not only the appearance of high-grade, use very convenient also, there is a specific accessories for foot massage acupuncture points, can at the same time when convenient foot massage to the soles of the feet

  • Household Plastic Washing Rice Basket can be used with different types of water tanks, has good drainage effect, is convenient to use, can be made of plastic or stainless steel thin plate, and has the low cost.

  • Home Round Plastic Wash Basin is our daily necessities, small, medium, large birdbath we have a series of production, this birdbath, patience, quality is good, a variety of sizes, to meet the needs of customers in all sizes.

  • A Bucket That Cleans The Floor That Cleans The Floor uses a tow bucket and a dryer system to reduce spills, make the work environment safer, cleaner floors and higher productivity

  • Food Plastic Storage Box is a plastic container made of food grade plastic raw materials used for food preservation, packaging, and heating. It is a household plastic product that is ubiquitous in our daily life and is an indispensable plastic container for household food storage.