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  • Newest Commodity Shelf has high spacing, heavy bearing, universal wheel, stable structure.️ Top part of the box, sorting, easy to take. Add shelving board at the top to increase the space for easy access. ️

  • Multilayer file storage rack, it is a practical and beautiful document storage rack, can be stacked, convenient to take and put and query, save space, quality assurance. We can supply best Price!

  • In the current outbreak, everyone is the most important thing to do good protection! Disinfection is what we must use, so now we can use Tissue box with sterilizing function with disinfection function, help you to complete the disinfection in one step!

  • Kitchen Grain And Food Storage Tank Storage Tank is a small packaging container made of plastic or plastic-based materials, usually with a sealable can lid.

  • The Plastic Multi Layer Drawer Storage Cabinet Storage Box, which we usually see often, is a kind of storage cabinet made of plastic processing. They are in the style of drawers, so they can distinguish the function boards well. In addition, it can be further understood that the appropriate plastic cabinet storage products are relatively simple to open and close, and can also be selected according to the standard of scale and reasonable selection. The next step is to clarify about the Plastic Multi Layer Drawer Storage Cabinet Storage Box. Let's take a look at the materials and features.

  • At home, New Plastic Color Drawer Storage Cabinet is often referred to as the "treasure chest" because it can accommodate a lot of things, not only to make people look for things, but also to keep secrets. Therefore, he is not only a life partner, but also a loyal friend.